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Text Box: Harrison Labs audio division designs and manufactures products such as audio amplifiers, crossovers, midi products, organ midi sound generators, organ sound enhancements,1/3 octave graphic equalizers and many more audio items made in the USA. IT’S A HARRISON”!  
Hlabs provides quality USA made products with the best compromise between looks and function. Our products are technologically advanced and use high grade components.
AudioEngine™, FluxCap™, FMOD™, FMODCABLE™, POWERMOWSE™, SUPERMOWSE™, SmartCap™, PFMOD™, & SEMOD™ are trade marks owned by Harrison Organ Works, HLABS, Tom Swift Labs, Harrison Labs, Harrison Laboratory, which are company trade names of Harrison Laboratories® . All rights reserved.
If you need product design and development engineering support. Do you need a high quality printed circuit board designed and or assembled here in the USA with off shore prices? We also can prepare technical articles.
Some of our customers include Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Parts Express, and Wanco Inc.
Text Box: Harrison Labs Industrial Division
Circuit board assembly
Contract Manufacturing
Prototypes, low volume assembly and medium volume runs with cost effective pricing and rapid turnaround.  
Schematics, circuit board layouts, circuit board assembly, finished product design and assembly.
Have your product designed, developed, and manufactured here in the USA.
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Contract AssemblyText Box: Jailbird Joey VP of Harrison Labs in prison for selling too much product and mocking the liberal left. He is over 80 years old in dog years and at his next birthday party he wants to invite Chucky Schumer, Nance Pelosi, and the Max Waters so he can pin the tail on these donkeys. Then Joey says he’ll collect DNA to see what their problems are. He also told our fine president Trump to build a wall around the liberal left section of DC to hide their conduct which is a disgrace to America. Oh, he also wants to invite the 9th Circus Court Jesters for additional entertainment. Fun!
Founded 1979